BC Ministry of Health: New COVID-19 cases in the North, Remain Extra Vigilant

“Let’s play safe and stay safe,” Dix and Henry say. “Let’s put out these hot spots and keep our firewall strong.”

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The province is in a way better place for fighting the coronavirus than it was back in March. But worryingly for the Skeena region, “Northern Health reported its first new cases of COVID-19 in nearly six weeks,” according to The Interior News

 People need to remain extra vigilant to “make sure COVID-19 doesn’t spoil our summer,” the BC government is warning. 

“As we have seen in many other places, a few missteps can quickly result in a significant resurgence in news cases of COVID-19,” reads a joint statement from Minister of Health Adrian Dix and provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.


Compared to the U.S. and even other parts of Canada, B.C. is doing remarkably well in containing the virus. The government says there are 266 active cases in the province. For perspective, there are nearly 2,000 active cases in Alberta.  

But that’s no reason to be complacent, Dix and Henry warn. Earlier this week the BC Ministry of Health reported 30 new cases. “Many of the new cases are a result of community transmission from an increase in social interactions this summer,” they said. “This trend is a concern, but we can turn this trend around.” 

The province is urging people who may have been exposed to coronavirus to “monitor themselves closely.” British Columbians should also limit their social interactions, keep a safe distance from people and use a mask where appropriate. 

“Let’s play safe and stay safe,” Dix and Henry say. “Let’s put out these hot spots and keep our firewall strong.”


Written by Skeena Strong

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